Empowering the 21st Century Woman

Empowering the 21st Century Woman

Address Knowillion Company, B8 - Floor 5, Ahmed Al-Jaber St, Kuwait City

Number of seats 25

Course Description

The time has come to acknowledge the irrevocable proof derived from hundreds of studies worldwide that clearly indicate the incredible value “empowered woman” add to their families, areas of work, global and local economies, societies and governments.

As a woman you have been born into a world where most everything is harder for you to obtain and maintain. Whether it be gender equality, worklife balance or simply accomplishing basic daily tasks.

As such the 21st century woman of today, must have the necessary knowledge, skillsets, mindset and resources available to challenge, overcome and thrive in world that is still plagued with biases and fear as it changes and shifts at lightning speed with the onset of Nanotech, 5G, Machine Learning, AI, VR/AR and much more.

This 4day workshop has been designed and engineered to serve you with a rich variety of tools, techniques, knowledge, exercises, role plays and resources that serve to empower and build your true future potential in an explosive and concrete manner.

The workshop is designed specifically for the female brain using the most advanced methods in cognitive and neuropsychology. Your journey and experience with us has been engineered to leverage on the specific strengths of the female brain and we will train you to do so in all areas of your life moving forward.

Workshop Objectives:

    Become Well Versed in Future Talk
    Display Key Skills for the 21st Century Economy
    Display a clear understanding of Competencies for the 21st Century
    Clearly identify the differences between the Male and Female Brain

    Deliver Outstanding Results and confidence With Superior Knowledge and Clarity
    Explaining the applied cognitive psychology of sales Leadership
    Discover the ground-breaking model of leading yourself and others
    Display Powerful and Assertive Communication Capabilities