Address Knowillion Company, B8 - Floor 5, Ahmed Al-Jaber St, Kuwait City

Number of seats 25

Course Description

This course provides an overview and fundamental understanding of the essential concepts associated with cybersecurity.
Attendees will learn how to categorize and value organizational assets, and how to mitigate risk to these resources. The course will delve into the different types of cyberattacks and security breaches and will present effective prevention methods to defend against such attacks.
The course attendees will engage with the concept of incident response, and the process of handling a breach including investigation and forensics. It is vitally important for attendees to have both a conceptual understanding of cybersecurity and applied practice. Therefore, this course will have a significant handson element that will introduce attendees to a plethora of cybersecurity tools and allow them to immerse themselves in cybersecurity operations. We will explore basic cybersecurity scripting; threat analysis; vulnerability assessment; traffic analysis; encryption; penetration testing; and related topics. Finally, a walkthrough of the latest major cyberattacks and breaches will be discussed as case scenarios demonstrating the attack vectors, compromise assessments, and detection techniques.