IoT and Big Data:

Address Knowillion Company, B8 - Floor 5, Ahmed Al-Jaber St, Kuwait City

Number of seats 25

Course Description

This course discusses the InternetofThings (IoT) as an emerging market with potential to shape the future of many industries. First, the IoT architecture and protocols along with demonstrations of their practical applications. Case studies will be conducted, looking into ongoing Smart City projects, Artificial Intelligence training, and sensors applications on vehicles, infrastructure, and industrial control systems. The critical issue of the safety, security, and privacy threats of IoT will be studied in detailed. Handson examples of IoT firmwares reverse engineering will be demonstrated.
The second part of the course focuses on the oftenrelated subject of Big Data. Attendees will understand the fundamentals of Big Data as information collected from IoT or other sources. The different types of big data storage systems will be presented. A practical deoomonstration of Intelligence Gathering through large datasets will be provided. Finally, the sensitive issue of security, privacy, and risk management will be discussed in the context of Big Data..