People actions and behaviours may have devastating consequences for the natural environmental systems as well other people’s health and well-being. Our environment is intrinsic to life processes and fundamental to human health, economic development, peace and security, culture and education, and their disruption and depletion make it more difficult to tackle health inequalities.

Our country is our home and we have the duty to take care of it for ourselves and for the next generations. Respect for the environment, promoting sustainable development and acting as a good corporate citizen and always considering the environmental impact of daily interactions.

In simple, environmental protection the responsibility of all society, and we are part of it, therefore, Knowillion is a partner to safeguard the environment.


Knowillion’s environmental consulting team specialize in timely, unparalleled, creative, and practical solutions to challenges and issues that affect our clients capability to conduct environment projects effectively and to evaluate a series of environmental and public health issues that they are face.

Knowillions Environment Services

    Environmental Management Information Systems : Fully integrated, state-of-the-art ICT solution for the environmental management
    Environmental Consulting : Environmental advisory and consulting services based on clients requirements.
    Environmental Impact Studies and Assessments : Comprehensive scientific studies to evaluate the environmental and society impacts.
    Environmental Management : Development and implementation of environmental management plans of the projects during different phases.
    Environmental Monitoring : Doing a best practices to develop and implement of environmental monitoring plans of the projects during different phases.
    Environmental Compliance Audits : Comprehensive review of the whole activities and operations and evaluation against local and international regulations as appropriate.
    Hazardous Waste Management : Inclusive settlement to collect, treatment, and disposal of all kind of waste materials.