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    Conflict management

    Talent management

    Leadership management

    Local governance

    Tolerance and diversity

    Participatory decision-making

    Job evolution

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Without capacity, the most innovative and brilliant interventions will not be implemented

There is now consensus agreement in the global community that capacity building is the engine of human capital. Capacity development starts from the principle that individuals are best empowered to realize their full knowledge and experience to unleash productivity and creativity.

Skills-raising, evaluation, and mentoring and coaching services that build your organization's human assets, increase capacity, and demonstrate your impact in the market.

Capacity building development is a network of interrelated pillars, they are environment, people, and organizations. These three pillars influence each other in a fluid way – the strength of each depends on, and determines, the strength of the others.

Knowillion has series of learning and coaching programs available to support knowledge-building and capacity-building for people and institutions at all levels of society. At Knowillion, we help our clients to sustain creating, utilizing and retention of their staff capacity to minimize cost and risk and maximize skills and growth.

Capacity Building Development

    Board Development
    Business Development
    Management Development
    Leadership Development
    Staffing Development
    Organizational Development

Capacity Building Management

    Meeting Management
    Project Management
    Risk Management
    Quality Management
    Financial Management
    Talent Management

Capacity Building Planning

    Business Planning
    Collaboration Planning
    Facilities Planning
    Strategic Planning

Capacity Building Essential

    Conflict Resolution
    Team Building