Are knowledge Economy, Digital Economy and Creative Economy Matters?

Digital technologies, knowledge, and creative industries play a dynamic role in boosting countries and institutions' growth, productivity and competitiveness alike. In short, institutions in the both public and private sectors with high digital technology and creative industries intensity have high gross margins.

In simple, the secret lies in the trident intensity (knowledge, creative, and technology) that embedded in institutions and to which extent the top management and leaders able to build, rebuild, discover and define these intensities and then navigate them toward economic growth, productivity, customers' loyalty and satisfaction and competitiveness achievements, this is the question?

" The size of the digital economy exceeds US $12 trillion globally "


Knowillion's approach to knowledge, creativity and digital economies is designed to guide institutions in the both public and private sectors as they craft and implement strategies aimed at maximizing trident intensities heading to fostering growth, promoting best practices, and paving the way for competitiveness and differentiation. The approach consists of following components:

What we do:

Knowillion brings unique perspectives on knowledge, creative and digital economies across the globe. In addition to the views we have through our team lens, we also share regional and national perspectives shaped by the professional knowledgeability of our team.

Knowillion Consulting offers economic guidance that enables our clients to take a 360-degree approach and offer them unique solutions to business challenges faced by their organisation. Knowillion Consulting has a robust people network in applying macro/micro economic models across a range of industries from agriculture, manufacturing, services, environmental and energy, and healthcare.

Knowledge team offer outstanding solutions in the following services to transfer ideas into a stunning business. Knowillion Management and Economic consulting includes a broad range of activities and offers a result driven solution in the following area:

Creative Economy

Digital Industries

Business Valuation
Business Plan
Business Model